Server 2019 – now enabled green. Let`s see what happens on another server as before and everything works without problems! Only a 32-bit version of 2008 is on this server Let`s see what has changed significantly since the 2008 R2 Ent server to organize a terminal server in the new edition of Server 2012 R2 h. 6) In this step we must turn to the site, to get a license server ID. Enterprise Agreement – 6565792, 5296992, 3325596 or any other agreement reached on the network. As you can see, enabling Terminal Server 2008 r2 is a rather trivial thing and the knowledge that the steps are executed within minutes. I hope that you will understand this hardware very well on the terminal server and that you are ready for the third part of the article in which we will analyze how to register a license server for other terminal servers. Guys, under this article activated several in 2008. And now I find myself in front of such a trable. There is a Servak 2012 with multiple device licenses activated.

Can they be revoked or disabled and everything that is done on this article. or a similar algorithm? The test server is Windows Server 2008 R2. Enable the terminal server and get CALs per user. First of all, we add rolls to our server. I will not paint in detail – here everything is simple. Proceed to Administration -> terminal server license. We see that the server found on our computer is not activated. Right-click to say enable server.

Select the Automatic connection type. Enter your personal data (first name, last name, organization, country – strictly those that were entered during the installation of Windows). I left the following page (email, address) blank. Click Next and wait. Note. In order for everything to go smoothly, you need to know: 1) the 25-digit serial number (five times five digits) of the Windows 2000 server, from which the product code xxxxx-xxx-xxx-xxxxx is generated; 2) A 35-digit license server code is generated based on the product code (seven times five digits); 3) Based on the license server code, last name, name, organization, and 7-digit registration agreement number, a 35-digit code of the key license package (seven times five digits) is generated….



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