Run the steps to confirm delivery. If you click OK, the system assigns the contract number to the order. For more details, see the guide below. We have updated the guidelines to include how the additional contribution should be dealt with in the balance agreement. Access all the booking forms you use to complete a contract, for example. B on the “sell order revisions” form. (optional) Enter a value indicating that the agreement is using a branching-related stock. When you load the product from a mixing tank while the load is confirmed, you must enter a contract number that is listed as a communicator. You can choose from these memo functions to add an explanatory message to an agreement: Each chord is based either on you or on your partner who moves the warehouse. If you enter an item, you must specify whether the item is the responsibility of your company (C) or your partner (P). Example: The system assigns an agreement when there is only one agreement in the system. You can print instructions on the current status of one or more agreements with your trading partners. You can set the data selection values before running the program.

You can also use one of the fields in the Contract Base table (F38010) to select chords for print instructions. You can create an instruction for a partner or an agreement number, for example.B. They can also provide instructions for each of the agreements corresponding to one or more reporting codes. If you select an agreement from a list or the reservation system automatically assigns an agreement, the system uses search criteria to identify agreements. Enter a value indicating whether the agreement is a type of credit/credit. The values are: The item in order and the item in the agreement must be the same. The subsidiary/retail company or its owner on behalf must be the source of the agreement. Manually assign contract numbers to bookings. If a chord contains two or more different elements (elements with different values), you may need a method to balance them. They can set exchange ratios for volume agreements if agreements contain items with uneven value.

The Transactions-Ledger program provides a current balance of bookings that affect a specific agreement with a partner. (optional) Enter the maximum amount of booking allowed for each booking associated with this agreement. If you apply quantity control to the agreement and a reservation is entered for more than that amount, a penalty may be charged. Added 4 documents: “Agreement of balances 2019 to 2020: calendar of fiscal year 2,” “Agreement of balances 2019 to 2020 quarter 2 (month 6) updated,” “Agreement of balances 2019 to 2020” and “Annex 2 specialized provider for the introduction Hub Hub.” They replaced the documents from 2018 to 2019. To select the agreement to be assigned to the selected line, select the Accord option from the Line menu. Use the “Online Balance Consultation” program (P38300) to identify the amount of product delivered, the amount you received and the amount outstanding in the agreement. If the agreement states that your partner sends you the product (product because of the company), your partner`s address book or cost number is the source. If the agreement states that you ship the product to your partner (product because of the partner), your company is the source.

An agreement can allow you to move an item from multiple sources to the destination indicated in the detail line of the agreement. You can list any address book or cost source that the agreement allows. To change a sales or credit contract after orders are registered, you return to the order acquisition program. The contract number you can assign during shipping or loading confirmation is only used for credit contracts involving a foreign deposit. The system subtracts the actual quantity and promised quantity of the agreed quantity to calculate the remaining amount in order to comply with the agreement.



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