The terms of this agreement come into effect on the date the applicant`s representative signs this agreement. The provisions of this agreement remain in effect until the parties amend or terminate this agreement. If the family doctor is not willing to take responsibility for prescribing the antechamber medication, the counsellor must be informed within one week of receiving the frame. In such cases, the family physician must provide the counsellor with all medical information about the patient and any changes made to the patient`s medications, regardless of the indication. Almost all domestic support measures, considered (with a few exceptions) as a distortion of production and trade, are included in the amber box defined in Article 6 of the agricultural agreement as all domestic aid, with the exception of aid in the blue and green boxes. These include price support measures or subsidies directly related to production volumes. The first pillar of the agricultural agreement is “domestic support.” AoA divides domestic support into two categories: distorting trade and not distorting trade (or having a low level of trade distortion). The WTO agricultural agreement negotiated in the Uruguay Round (1986-1994) provides for the classification of subsidies by “boxes” according to the consequences of production and trade: bernstein (most directly related to the level of production), blue (production limitation programmes that still distort trade) and green (minimum distortion). [3] While payments in the amber box were to be reduced, those in the green box were released from the discount obligations. Detailed rules for green box payments are contained in Schedule 2 of the AOA. However, all must meet the basic requirement of paragraph 1 in order not to create more than a minimal distortion of trade or production, and they must be provided by a state-funded programme, which does not involve consumer transfer or price support to producers. [1] In WTO terminology, subsidies are generally characterized by boxes that receive the colours of traffic lights: green (authorized), amber (slower, i.e.

reduced), red (prohibited). In agriculture, as usual, it is more complicated. The agricultural agreement does not have a red box, although it is forbidden to provide domestic aid exceeding the obligations of reduction in the amber box; and there is a blue box for grants related to programs that limit production.



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