The consideration for a promise may be the fulfillment of a contractual obligation owed to a person other than the promiser. In Shadwell vs. Shadwell, Cayley Shadwell was contractually bound to marry a third party. His uncle Charles Shadwell promised to pay him £150 a year after his marriage. It was established that Cayley Shadwell`s marriage was a good quid pro quo, even if a contract with a third party required her to marry in any case. [36] Talk to a contract lawyer about your agreement and have it clarified. Call us to speak to a contract lawyer on +44 20 7036 9282 or email us at In legal language, “the offer to pay the £10 is not supported by the counterparty” or ignores the promise. After Glisson set up its own security business, Global Glisson sued to enforce the second non-compete agreement.



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