Education Minister Chris Hipkins today announced details of a $320 million Targeted Training and Apprenticeships Fund (TTAF) to support vocational training in interprofessional sectors. This funding is part of the $1.6 billion industry and apprenticeship… More >> The objective of this qualification is to recognize the skills and knowledge needed at the entry level to ensure people-centred assistance in the health and wellness sectors and a health and wellness training stream. This qualification is aimed at beginners in the health and wellness sectors, including those who are re-entering the labour market. It provides basic skills to ensure that workers can work safely in a health or wellness environment. Graduates will benefit by recognizing transferable skills and knowledge in the health and wellness sectors. Graduates will work under general control. Congratulations to all graduates of training in the sector, including our Marlborough Youth Trust graduates. Graduates were recognized at the recent Marlborough Industry Graduation. Well done, everybody! We feel so privileged to be able to support dedicated people like Kumari, who want to do their best to support their clients and the community. In order to improve Kumari`s practice as a Case Worker settlement, the Red Cross has included it in the Social Service Training program. If you work in social services, this could be a way to identify your skills and experience with a qualification recognized by the NZQA.…/ Careerforce worked with the Ministry of Health to create five learning modules with helpful tips to help the family and wh`nau during the pandemic and to stop the spread of COVID-19. Careerforce is the training organisation for the sector… Read more >> Free: (0800) 277 486 Phone: (04) 915 7706 Fax: (03) 371 9285 Email: Web: Check out Free Fees to see if you are allowed to complete a free year of study or two years of vocational training. Contact your provider to confirm that your study options meet the criteria. Careerforce has signed a historic agreement (Kawenata) with Waikato Tainui with 10 other training organisations (ITO). This initiative represents an important step in the tribe`s plan, the career prospects of its… More >> When Lifewise Health and Disability obtained a Level 4 Health and Wellness qualification for its home workers, workers, clients who support them and the organization itself achieved positive results. “Employees are now taking a leadership role, caring for newcomers and contributing more,” says Evelyn Sharma, team leader for Homecare Worker.



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