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Para restaurantes y cafeterías afectados por el virus corona

Other Features Available for Restaurants

    No phone calls during busy service times and a system that takes only seconds to receive and accept food orders and table reservations will mean more staff productivity.
    Your unique online, interactive menu is publishable on your Facebook page, Google page and your website meaning you get more exposure combined with a huge increase in opportunities for more bookings.
    Your “On-Line” menu may have unlimited meal items and combinations each listed with as many choices, options, dietary requirements and add-ons as you wish. Menu items are easily added or updated with photographs, descriptions and pricing. Your menu can also be easily updated by your staff at any time meaning its easier to add things like daily specials.
    With the latest technology, your customers can easily interact with your menu, make their selections, view your special offers, redeem coupons and place their order in real time. With the optional payment system, they can also pay for their order in advance!
    No matter your current business, your FoodBookings App gives you the freedom to add components at anytime as required.

this is a huge growth area around the world and your app is capable of taking a customers order, payment and tracking the order progress for your kitchen to the customer’s door.

take orders and payments for any items on your dine-in menu and have the order ready for your customer’s collection at an agreed time.

Take table bookings with no phone calls.

Allow customers to order their food prior to arrival.

highly convenient, time efficient and reduces no shows.

All these great features can be activated or turned off with one click of your App’s admin panel!

    with pre-food ordering and payment options, the app will enable faster table turnover.
  • PRE ORDERING AND FOOD  PAYMENTS –  Provides greater convenience for your customers whilst importantly eliminating no-shows.

    more efficiency, better work-flow and eliminates any order miscommunication and mistakes.
  • SPECIAL OFFER & PROMOTION MANAGEMENT – Built in systems for special offers, timed offers, one per customer offers, loyalty rewards, deal offer, coupons, reviews and so much more meaning more value for your customers and easier management reporting of all your promo activities.
    Accèss to a private web based dashboard gives you real time reporting on every aspect of your performance, bookings, promotions uptake, what items are most popular plus segmenting data info on your most frequent customers, highest spending customers etc making effective promotional targeting super easy.

Yes, by signing up to the FoodBookings App,
You’ll enjoy many unique advantages …

You’ll also be joining market leaders in the latest technology
with an exciting opportunity to boost your sales by 168%

*Statistics drawn from monitoring the performance indicators of our clients.

Plus… Unlike other expensive options that keep a percentage of your order value

The FoodBookings App

a summary of features you’ll love


Yes, In todays marketplace it's about convenience

By taking our FREE TRIAL, you could make it easier for your staff and customers.

Due to its simplicity of use, and our expert guidance, you’ll be able to start taking online orders in a matter of hours.

Our powerful and intuitive online ordering system software enable you to receive orders placed on your own website, Facebook page, Google page or custom restaurant app.

  • You can increase your take away orders
  • Take Table Reservations
  • Patrons get the option to pre-order.
  • Take advance payments from your online menu
  • Eliminate no shows
  • Turn tables faster
  • The app also comes with many great built in promotional features too!!
    How about offering a 15% Special Offer for the first time a customer uses the app?
    This alone is a GREAT WAY to get extra bookings straight away !!
  • Yes, it’s easy, all automated and controlled by your very own restaurant app!


No special order taking device needed...

Just a mobile phone or tablet

The FoodBookings app makes it extremely easy for you to accept online food orders from any dedicated device… with just one tap of the screen.

Simply install our order taking app for Android or iOS, on a smartphone, tablet or iPad to get started…..(you’ve probably got an old one lying around that would be perfect)

We highly recommend using a phone or tablet device that you can dedicate solely for the purpose of receiving and accepting orders.

All you need is to have it permanently connected to a power supply and an internet connection and located in a position that’s convenient.

You may then even add options like SMS or thermal printing that will automatically send tickets to the kitchen the very moment a food order is accepted.

With the printing option you’l’ get customised dockets and receipts with all the information you require. There’ll be no more communication errors as the kitchen will receive a copy of the actual order as placed by the customer.


Prominent "Menu", "Order" & "Table Reservation" buttons.

Order and Table Reservation Buttons added to your Website, Google and Facebook page making the online ordering process easy as pie for both customers and your staff.

Easy ordering for your customers means higher sales for you!

And .. if you don’t have a website, our website design experts will be on hand to assist by designing and installing a dynamic and powerful sales optimised website for your business in a matter of days!


Turn your Website - Google Page - Facebook Page - into an online booking machine

Our restaurant ordering and table reservations software will drive your online bookings and sales. And you don’t have to do a thing.

Our team of experts are on hand to make all the installations for you.

All you have to do is be excited … as no matter how much your business grows, you’ll always benefit from taking unlimited orders with zero commission fees.

There is no other alternative that will help you power your restaurant, cafe or food take-away business like the FoodBookings online ordering system!


If your current website doesn’t CREATE SALES...

Get a WebAustralia/ FoodBookings online ordering system pack.

Our experts will make sure that your business truly stands out by helping you to either upgrade your existing website or create a new sales optimised website within days.

We can do all the work for you including the installation of the booking app on your Facebook Page and even help you get higher rankings on Google !

Restaurants that use our sales optimised website and restaurant app system have increased their ranking, bookings and online sales.

Try it & you’ll see for yourself.


Exciting "Built In" promotions ready to go...

Here's just a few ideas you can implement straight away with your new app for you to create more business

  • Give a Percentage off for customers who use the app for the first time
    For example: Try our new food ordering app and get a whopping 15% OFF your first order.
  • Give a FREE item
    For example: Free drink on any order $30+
  • Buy one, get one free
    For example: Buy a main dish and get the second for free.
  • % discount on selected items
    For example: 30% off on any dessert or drink
  • Fixed discount amount on order
    Fixed discount amount on the total order value, usually combined with a condition like minimum ordering amount.
  • % discount on cart
    % discount on your total cart value, usually combined with a condition like minimum ordering amount.
  • Free delivery
    Free delivery (discounted delivery) for orders over a certain order value.
  • Payment method reward
    % discount on your total order value if you pay with a certain payment method.
    For example: Credit card online.

Plus many other optional attention grabbing promotions
ready for you to activate

  • Buy 2,3,… get one free
    For example: Buy two main dishes and get the third for free.
  • Fixed discount amount on combo deal
    For example: Buy any main dish plus dessert and get $5 off.
  • % discount on combo deal
    For example: Buy any main dish plus dessert and get 10% off.
  • Free dish or discounted item as part of a meal
    For example: Free dessert or drink if you purchase starter + main dish.
  • Meal bundle
    A selection of dishes at a fixed price. For example: Any 2 appetizers + 2 main dishes + 2 desserts => All for $55!
  • Meal bundle with speciality
    Same as “Meal bundle” but a subset of selected items are only available with an extra fee.

What savvy restaurant owners are saying

My business has grown significantly with the website you created in conjunction with the food ordering app. Your customer service has been stellar and my sales have quadrupled since using it.

Amanda SRestaurant Owner

You guys were all helpful in answering my questions and made me feel completely at ease. The design ended up being twice as good as I could have ever envisioned and we love being able to update the menu ourselves.!

Eve CrawfordRestaurant Owner

Getting the app was perfect timing for us! We were immediately able to upload our customer list and send the 15% OFF first app order promotion. It was a great success and now my customers use the app all the time!

Zak ReidRestaurant Owner

Finally a revolutionary and free food ordering software that works!
We love the online sales results, we see higher sales than we've seen for many years. The online order through the website, and the advantage of having low costs and, fantastic support is awesome.... thank you.

Niaz TRestaurant Owner


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