3. Carrier and owner agents may take possession of the leased equipment and issue and receive receipts required under this subsection. 2) to apply this part or, if applicable, a regulation or order from the secretary or council, if it is done by a carrier or broker performing a transport or services under the jurisdiction covered by Chapter I or III of Chapter 135 of this title, or by a foreign foreign carrier or a foreign private airline related to the transport , registered in accordance with Section 13902 of this title, injured. If the exemptions for Part C of this part are not provided for, the written lease that was entered into after Section 376, paragraph (a), provides for the following provisions. The required rental conditions are met and enforced by the authorized carrier. In the review of Count I, the Court will first consider the Board`s decision on darts and its applicability to this case. In Dart Transit Co., 9 I.C.C.2d 701 (1993), issues represented under 49 C.F.R. Part 1057[8] were presented as: The remnants of the maintenance fund were reimbursed if the lease was valid or if the lease was terminated before the expiry of the specified term when the members exercised their option to purchase. The balance of the fund – 823 has not been repaid if the lease has been terminated in the medium term without the member exercising his option to purchase. If the lease was terminated in the medium term, the balance of the maintenance fund was applied to the repair and repair costs of the vehicle for future use.

None of the members made use of their option to purchase in this case, so their maintenance fund balance was not reimbursed under The D-A agreement. [2] (m) This paragraph applies to owners who are not agents but whose equipment is used by an agent of an authorized carrier when transporting on behalf of that authorized carrier. In this case, the licensed carrier is required to ensure that these owners enjoy all rights and benefits conferred on a landlord under the leasing provisions, including the rights and benefits set out in paragraphs (d) (k) of this section. This is true regardless of whether the equipment lease is directly between the authorized carrier and its agent and not directly between the authorized carrier and each of these owners. The lease agreement between an approved carrier and its representative sets this obligation. (h) load-back items. The lease agreement contains a clear indication of all items that can be paid originally by the approved carrier, but which are ultimately deducted from the lessor`s compensation at the time of payment or billing, as well as a recitation of how to calculate the amount of each item. Copies of the documents necessary to determine the validity of the tax are made available to the lessor.



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