Supporters and opponents of the use of APUs stated that it would be difficult to compare contractors` performance in federal projects with and without THEGP, as it is very unlikely that two projects of this type, which were sufficiently similar in cost, size, size and time, could be found.17 Project work contracts (PLAs) are a subject of controversy among many others in the construction industry. While some see it as a need to ensure a balance between labour and construction companies, many see it as an unnecessary and discriminatory burden on the sector. In this two-part series, a Greensboro construction lawyer at Cotney Construction Law will discuss the pros and cons of PLA. If you have any questions about your rights to a publicly funded construction project, please contact an experienced lawyer from our construction firm In Greensboro. Studies have shown that LAA project owners and local communities have advantages and penalize entrepreneurs and non-independent workers in unions. A 2009 study by Fred B. Kotler, J.D., associate director of Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations, found that there was no evidence that PMAs discriminate pending employers and workers, limit the number of bidders and increase construction costs. [110] In a 2009 report by Dale Belman of Michigan State University; Matthew M. Bodah of the University of Rhode Island and Peter Philips of the University of Utah said that instead of increasing costs, the agreements would bring benefits to the community. According to your report, the cost of the project is directly related to the complexity of a project, not to the existence of an agreement. They found that AEPs are not suitable for all projects, but some projects are good candidates for their use, such as very complex construction projects.

[111] Studies have also been conducted on how GPs can benefit local communities by hiring aboriginal people. In a paper that focused on whether the AEPs met local hiring targets for projects developed by the District Community College of Los Angeles (LACCD), the District of Los Angeles Unified (LAUSD) and the City of Los Angeles, the author found that the 30% local rent target set by the PLA has been met. [112] Reports on legal considerations relating to APAs clearly show that PTAs are an effective tool for labour relations. [116] In a 1999 report on the legality of AEPs, the authors stated that AEPs “serve as a productive and stabilizing force in the construction industry.” [117] This approach is supported by a UCLA study that questioned the results of the Beacon Hill Institute on PLA, which found that in the private sector, the use of ATPs “creates continuity and stability of the workforce in the workplace.” [118] For some occupations in some regions, Davis Bacon`s local salary may be local union wages.



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