UNHCR procures much of its requirements through framework agreements. 1. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, RC Inspection (`The Company`) provides services in accordance with these Terms of Sale (`Terms of Sale`) and, therefore, all offers or offers are subject to these Terms and Conditions. All contractual agreements or other agreements resulting from them are subject to all terms and conditions of sale, unless the law of the place where these agreements or contracts are concluded or executed is contrary to one of the general terms of sale and, in this case, this local law applies everywhere, but only to the extent that it is in contradiction with these Terms and Conditions. 17. If, for any reason, the company is prevented from providing or completing a service that has been the subject of an order or agreement. the client pays to the company. 17.1 The amount of all losses actually made or incurred. 17.2 Part of the agreed commission or commission corresponds to the share (if any) of the service actually provided: and the company is relieved of responsibility for the partial or total non-performance of the required service. A framework agreement is a specific type of collective agreement with a group of suppliers, favouring a certain subset (which can only be one).

Framework agreements have clauses similar to those of standard collective agreements with certain additional (optional) points such as the NERC and WECC default development process, which is open to all interested stakeholders and allows any company or individual to propose the development of new or modified reliability standards. SPP also recognizes the skills and competencies of other regulators and strives to work closely with them to improve their reliability. 9. The awarding entity: 9.1 ensures that instructions are given to the company and that sufficient information is provided in a timely manner for the necessary services to be effectively provided. 9.2 Get all the necessary access to company representatives so that the necessary services can be provided effectively. 9.3 Provide, if necessary, all special equipment and personnel necessary to provide the necessary services. 9.4 Ensure that all measures necessary to ensure the safety of working conditions, locations and facilities are taken during service delivery and are not based on the advice of the company, requested or not. 9.5 Take all necessary measures to remove or remove barriers or interruptions in the delivery of necessary benefits. 9.6 In the form of known hazards or hazards, real or potential risks associated with an order or samples or tests, including. B the presence or risk of radiation, toxic or harmful or explosive elements or materials.



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