The creation, financing and sale of start-ups are transactions, which makes it very important to understand the transaction and that with good standard documents with explanations. Finding good examples of documents can also be the most difficult part of a new employee`s job. New employees will not know whether examples in a company`s system contain or exclude relevant provisions because they are not familiar with the documents. Even if the company has models, a new employee may not know how to adapt the model for the customer. This guide advances to provide new start-up practitioners with some resources to overcome these barriers, including secondary sources, primary sources, and sample documents and tools. The most useful resources in this area are government websites, national treaties containing forms, general treaties, including Forms, Notes and Forms of the Practical Law Company. You`ll find links and explanations on all these sources at the top and on the tabs and sub-pages of this manual. In addition to legal sources, this guide also contains many non-legal sources of awareness. These resources are largely free, although there are some subscription services. In addition, in the Awareness News tab, there are blogs, news sites, events and video libraries, so that a practitioner can be informed and informed of all aspects of the start-up law. For practice, for example, search problems are in a basic part under the introduction. Although this is not a specific part of a research strategy, it is important to follow what is happening in the start-up world; This information can change the way provisions are designed or lead to new customers. This guide contains links to current sources of awareness.

These sources include information websites (free and subscription), video sites and event calendars. This guide contains primary sources, secondary sources, sample forms and online tools for each of the three themes: education, funding and exit strategies. Because many of the issues related to education, funding and exit strategies involve large amounts of public law, this research guide focuses on the laws of California, Delaware, Nevada and Texas. It provides these states with state-specific treaties, statutes and forms. However, for researchers interested in the law of different states, there are general treaties, a public inquiry into training statutes and general forms of guidance.



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