At the November 1, 2017 NJC meeting, employers were granted NAECI`s right to pay and condition for 2019 and beyond. It should be noted that in all cases, the current online version of NAECI 2019 – 2020 premiums over the original printed version. If you are a TICA member and would like more information about Furlough or access to a standard model, please send an email NAECI 2019 – 2020 is available in free pdf (see article below) and as a booklet for purchase. An update to NAECI 10.3.1 (c) is also included in NAECI 2019-2020 v3 to calculate the Euroleave salary following a change in the law of 6 April 2020. NJC Guidance Note (18) has also been updated to reflect this and is available for download here. If you are a member of TICA, remember that you are speaking to our referral centre at any time for Late 2019, the NJC approved a recommendation from the NAECI 3.1 (b) working group on the effectiveness of working time. The PDF version of NAECI 2019-2020 has been updated to include this change and is available in v3 below. An NJC guide that completes this new modified section is available here for download. The main objective of NAECI is to continue to establish a modern, robust and “useful” national industrial relations structure: there are also measures in terms of employment and human resources that the association implements in its role of representing the sector to the government, the British Industry Association and other important national and international organisations. The membership structure and the constitution of the NJCECI form the basis of a single table agreement and set the standards for the practice in place. Continuous improvement in standards has had a positive impact on workers` safety and well-being conditions; and it continues to have a great influence on the performance of the engineering industry. The TICI National Agreement 2019-2021 (Pink Book) can only be used legally by the signatories, i.e. the members of the full contract.

A new two-year contract was successfully signed in November 2018 and NJC Communique 13 (18) contains all the details of the counts and increases in rates and quotas for the period 2019-2020. The new NAECI 2019 – 2020 reflects these changes and is available for free download in PDF format below. NAECI 2019 – 2020 brochures will be published in the 2nd year, unless the first year is specifically requested. The success of the national agreement is centred on an extremely effective and widely respected procedure to prevent and resolve problems on the ground. If, exceptionally, no solution is found at the site level, the appeal at the national level is fast for a final and binding decision.



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