(i) any technical and/or management support given by the guardian to the protégé; The all Small Mentor Protege program aims to help its proteists improve their ability to compete for government contracts. As a result, mentors can offer virtually any type of support that would help the protégé. This support can be considered technical or management assistance, financial support (including the assumption of a minority stake in the protégé for the purpose of obtaining capital), subcontracting or subcontracting, commercial education or any other general or administrative assistance. Mentors and protégés can also – but not necessarily – establish a joint business relationship to pursue one or more contracts. To create a small mentor-protected relationship, parties must complete a written request outlining the type of assistance the protégé needs and explain (with timelines and progress repositories) how the mentor will provide this assistance. The application must be approved by the SBA. The benefits of the all Small Mentor Protege program only come after the approval of the SBA and will only last as long as the mentor-protected agreement is in place. For more information on the application process, visit the SBA`s All Small Mentor Protege website. (iii) any subcontracting that the Tutor has entrusted to the protégé and the value of each subcontractor; (7) If the mentor`s control (through a share sale or other means) is changed, the previously approved mentor-protected relationship may be continued, provided that the mentor declares in writing to the SBA, after the change of control, that he recognizes the agreement between the guardian and the protégé and certifies that he will continue to meet his terms. (f) decide to refuse the mentor-protected relationship. (ii) the company is not allowed to re-act as a mentor for a period of two years from the date the SBA terminates the tutoring/protected contract; and (4) No ownership or control arrangements can be found between a protection company and its mentor on the basis of the tutoring/protected agreement or support granted under the agreement. 3.

Regardless of the tutoring-protected relationship, a protégé and a small business, including financial support from the SBA, can benefit from other assistance. (8) The SBA may terminate the tutoring-protected contract at any time if it finds that the protégé does not adequately benefit from the relationship or that the parties do not comply with the terms or conditions of the tutoring-protected agreement. In the event that the SBA terminates the relationship, the joint venture Mentor-Sch-sch-tling is required to enter into all previous contracts, unless the purchasing agency grants a work stoppage contract. (3) The written agreement must be approved by the AA/BD. The agreement is not approved if the SBA finds that the assistance to be provided is not sufficient to enable the protégé to achieve real development gains, or if sBA finds that the agreement is merely a vehicle for mentor 8 (a) to enter into contracts. (5) The SBA will annually review the mentor-protected relationship during the protégé`s annual review to determine whether the protégé should be allowed to continue for an additional year. If the mentor-protected relationship is not terminated in writing on that date, the relationship between the mentor and the protégé is automatically extended without further written notification of the protégé`s lawsuit or extension. The duration of a tutoring-protected contract may not exceed three years, but can be renewed for a further three years. A protégé may have two three-year tutoring-protected agreements with different mentors, and each may be renewed for a further three years, provided the protégé has benefited from the agreed economic promotion and continues to receive additional support from the expanded protected mentor contract. As with mentors, proteges are limited in the number of mentors allowed at the same time. While the general cap applies to a mentor, the SBA may authorize a second mentor as long as the additional mentor offers unique forms of support.



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